About Us


MDJD Billing is owned an operated by Karen Raffery M.D., J.D., C.P.C.

MDJD Billing utilizes the premier software in the industry, Advanced MD.  AdvancedMD provides for OPTI scrubbing software, a clearing house employing the same software as Medicare to ensure clean claims the first time. Additionally MDJD Billing is fully HIPPA compliant and insured with NAS, underwritten with Loyds of London. Your claims are safe with us and backed with the best technology and minds in the business.

Dr Rafferty has 30 years experience in medicine and remains a practicing Anesthesiologist. As an independent Anesthesiologist for most of her career, she is familiar with revenue collection from her individual practice experience as well as experience as a department head in a Regional Hospital in Calais Maine for 5 years where she revised and overviewed the department billing on a daily basis.

Dr Rafferty is also an attorney, familiar with HIPPA regulations, and CMS policy and negotiation with private insurance companies.

Dr. Rafferty has completed training and Certifiaction with AAPC, the industry lead in Medical Billing. She is a current member and pursues continuing education with this Premier National Organization to continuously keep abreast of the regulatory changes that affect your payment daily.


  • Karen M. Rafferty M.D.,J.D.,C.P.C.
  • Florida State Medical License
  • Massachusetts Bar
  • AAPC Certified Professional Coder
  • Certified AAPC coders and members only
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Advanced MD software with OPTI and clearing house review
  • Insured and bonded with NAS , underwritten by Loyds of London