Your work and patients are our priority…let us facilitate your payments, streamline your revenue cycle, and navigate your collections

Allow us to personally access your billing needs..large practices or small…our goal is to improve your profit margin with prompt collections so that you have more time to practice quality care, more time to refresh, relax and enjoy!

  • Cost effective, efficient pricing to suit your practice needs
  • 24-48 hour electronic transmission of billing
  • Professional clearing house review of claims, ensuring clean claims submission and reducing refusals with the first request for payment
  • EOB and refusal reviews daily with prompt follow up within 24 to 48 hours
  • Accounts receivable reports generated and reviewed monthly and promptly to keep your revenue flow continuous and to allow you a snapshot of your billing at any request.
  • Physician credentialing to meet insurance company and government requirements
  • Outsourcing billing saving you in-house employee salary, workmans compensation and insurance costs, as well as lost days of revenue submission due to vacations and illness.We support you and submit your claims every business day to ensure continuous and timely revenue.

Working with you through accessible communication while streamlining your billing to promote fast reliable payment the first time around, saving you overhead costs, employee cost and improving your revenue, navigating your payment barriers, freeing you to refresh, relax and enjoy your valuable time and profits.